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The Mentorship Program offers aspiring, novice and working interpreters opportunities to enhance their skills through mentorship and workshops, as a means of fulfilling our ultimate goal of increasing the quality and quantity of interpreting services available to the Deaf Community. Mentees, mentors and workshop participants may earn CEU/ACET credits. Visit our Programs and Workshops to find the right opportunities for you!

Assessing Language Variation, Oct. 25
Join Russell Ross in examining personal variation in language (Dialect) and how to identify demands on assignments that may indicate the need to employ a Deaf Interpreter. Participants will also explore how Paul Grice's cooperative principle "Maxims of Speech" and Demand Control Schema Sequence and EIPI (Environmental, Interpersonal, Paralinguistic, Intrapersonal) may benefit the practitioner on assignment when attempting to assess for appropriate communication supports. See Workshops for full details and registration info.

Minority Interpreters Group (MIG)
The Minority Interpreters Group is an active group of aspiring and working interpreters of color. We welcome new members! If you would like to learn more about this group, please contact Holly Alfred, Minority Interpreters Group Coordinator, at
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