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Mentorship Program Closes May 20 after 22 years
Mentorship Programs Suspended Due to Budget Cuts
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Mentorship Program Closing: A Fond Farewell
Dear Interpreting and Deaf Community: With sadness, after 22 years of service to the community, The Mentorship Program will close on May 20, 2015. We wish a fond farewell to the interpreting and Deaf communities who have embraced our mission to increase the number of qualified interpreters while also improving the quality of services provided. As mentors, workshop presenters, language models, consumers and team interpreters, you have nurtured hundreds of mentees and thousands of workshop participants with integrity, compassion, humor and encouragement. For that, we thank you!

Thank You to All Who Supported Us
Thank you to DEAF, Inc., our fiscal agent and home since 1993, MCDHH who funded expanded programs and services from 2006-2014, and NURIEC who provided free workshop space and technical support throughout our tenure. We also thank our many Funders and Community Partners who provided co-sponsorship funding, mentorship grants and/or free workshop space throughout the years: Advocates, Inc., BCC, BUCIE, CLW, College of the Holy Cross, DMH, DMR, Framingham State University, HCC, MassRID, MCB, NCIEC, NEARC, NECC, NECC ASL Club, NEHD, NETAC, Partners Interpreting, Pepnet Northeast, READS, RID, RIRID, Sorenson Communications, STAVROS, and TLC.

Thank You to Current and Former Staff
Thank you to Carol Fay, who ushered the concept of a mentorship program to reality in 1993, and all the Mentorship Program staff over the years: Holly Alfred, Cher Allen, Letitia Bynoe, Stephanie Clark, Gigi Doran, Adell Irvin, Irma Kahle, Christina LaRock, Cameron Lash, Terry Malcolm, Laurie Shaffer, and Linda Thomsen. Your work was instrumental to the success of the program!
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